I’ve been reading blogs for years. I’ve fallen in and out and then back in love with certain bloggers over time and as I went through major milestones in my life, I’ve found new bloggers that were going through the same life experiences (half-marathon training, marriage, pregnancy, healthy meal prep, budgeting etc.) and I’ve felt comfort in being able to read about what someone else was going through that related to my life.

Clearly, this is a major reason why people write  blogs! So, I love reading blogs (we’ve established this) and I love writing. I’m not a fantastic writer but it’s always been a tool I’ve used to get my thoughts out clearly and concisely. I love the organization of it.

So, what exactly has been holding me back all of these years from finally taking the leap and starting a blog of my own?


Fear of putting myself out there and being judged harshly. Fear of people not liking me, especially people I already know. Fear of embarrassing myself. Fear of failing. Fear of the amount of work and effort involved in starting a new venture like this.

I think I’m finally ready to face all of those fears and put myself out there in my own little corner of the internet. Finally.



When the weather is nice, I take my dog out over my lunch break to the backyard and let her chase her ball. She loves it. She goes crazy for that ball. It’s actually really fun to watch her chase her ball. We live next door to an apartment building. I’ve actually had residents of this apartment building yell at me from their parking lot adjacent to my backyard that they love watching my dog chase her ball.

So, Jenny and I were outside this afternoon (doesn’t the grass look amazingly green? I just want to roll in it), and there was this guy outside next to the apartment building. He had a tripod set up and he was talking to a camera. I’ve seen him outside talking to his camera a few times before. I have no clue what he’s talking about. It’s impossible to tell just by looking at him. He’s wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt and cargo shorts. Just a regular looking, slightly chubby guy in his early twenties.

I assume this guy is recording himself to put on the internet. In which case, he has absolutely no fear. This guy is standing there and sharing himself with the world. He does not care one iota that I’m in the next yard over watching him while my dog wildly chases her ball.

So, I’m ready to be that guy and face my fears and share whatever the hell I want to on the internet.




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