Is it Bedtime Yet?

Oh man, last night was ROUGH. I definitely won a bad mom award of some kind. I felt like I was spinning my wheels getting no where. Here’s a rundown…..

-Picked up my toddler from daycare and arrived home about 4:45pm. Got her out of the car, into the house, put down my bag and purse, greeted the dog, took off the toddler’s shoes. Greeted my 10 year old stepson that had been holed up in his room with his iPad.

-Got prepared in my office for an important scheduled banking/student loan type phone call at 5pm where I needed to listen/provide some info.

-Limped through 20 minute phone call with a whiny toddler in the background. Tried to distract her with a crate of her books and peanut butter protein balls with chocolate chips (delicious!) but she made it very clear that she would rather climb onto my desk, pull my hair, rip earrings out of my ears, tear books off my shelves and rip a few of my book covers.

-Finish phone call as toddler begins officially crying. Give her a bottle of water, put on her flip flops and usher her and dog out the back door while yelling at stepson to join us (he didn’t).

-Attempt to water my droopy container garden while encouraging toddler to play with her multitude of toys on back patio rather than tugging at my legs and demanding to be held. Nearly trip over the  dog several times as she insists on chasing her ball directly into my legs.

-Take toddler and dog to front yard, turn on sprinkler for dog to play in. Try to engage toddler with more outdoor toys with no luck. Knock on stepsons bedroom window and ask him to come play with us (he declines). Determine it’s just too hot outside and take dog and toddler back inside at about 5:45pm. Towel off dog.

-Start preparing supper for toddler and myself (leftover cauliflower cheesy sticks with tomato dipping sauce). Toddler is very intrigued with tomato sauce. She eats a little. Cut up a mini watermelon and offer some to toddler. She eats a little. Ask stepson what he’d like for supper (he’s a very picky eater) and offer him watermelon (he declines the watermelon and doesn’t respond to my supper question).

-Use the restroom. Toddler insists on sitting in my lap so that she can reach necklaces hanging on the wall next to the toilet and try to yank them off their hooks. I convince her to go in the shower and play peek-a-boo by opening and closing the shower door so I can finish.

-For the next 30 minutes, I attempt to engage the toddler with some toys and books in the living room and her bedroom and even try to get her to sit with me on the couch, relax and watch a little TV. She’s just so whiny tonight, I’m not sure what her deal is, I can’t get her to stop fussing. Could be teething? (I feel like I’ve been using that excuse for her for a year now). The dog (who should be exhausted from her outdoor play) has a sudden burst of energy and growls and chases my feet continuously and pounces on me. I get frustrated with the dog and put her in her kennel. I get frustrated with the toddler and finally ask her brother to watch her for a few minutes in his bedroom (she loves his bedroom, so many off-limits toys) while I run outside quickly to pick up some of the outdoor toys we drug out and finish watering my plants.

-Come back inside, turn on Disney movie for toddler and stepson and prepare for video call I want to participate in for my fitness coaching side gig. Toddler screams throughout video call, pulls my hair, tries to climb onto my desk, tries to pull everything off of my desk when I don’t let her climb onto it. Dumps out a container of puffs. Husband FINALLY returns home from work around 7:15pm and tries to tell me about his day while I try to listen to video call and toddler continues to scream in the background and rips apart some papers she got her hands on in my office. It’s a sad scene. Husband heads to shower (he smells like pigs) and leaves me with toddler (I promise she’s not normally this unpleasant).

-I’m getting very frustrated. I nearly begin to cry as I hear a few sentences from the speaker on the video call about investing enough time into your business in between toddler whines and trying to coax her with toys or soothe her by holding her on my lap (she responds by smacking my cheeks). The call ends at 7:30pm just as husband emerges from the bathroom. He senses my frustration and is confused by it. He thinks I’m mad at him for getting home so late. I try to explain that I just wanted to get a few things accomplished and it just seems impossible.

-Husband asks if I’ve fixed anything for stepson to eat and I realize I hadn’t followed up with him about his supper. Ugh, I’m a horrible mom. I’m not accustomed to having him here during the week but it’s summer break. Husband asks if I’ve fed dog yet either. Failed again! Husband feeds them both.

-I sink into the chair into the living room and veg out for a while feeling frustrated and like a failure and a bad mom. I’m also exhausted. I start trying to get the toddler to relax and calm down at about 8:30pm.

-I finally take the toddler to our bed a little after 9pm because I’m exhausted and that’s about the only way I’ve been able to get her to relax and fall asleep lately.

-I fall asleep in the bed with her and when I wake up it’s 11:45pm. I bring her to her crib. Husband is finishing a movie in the living room with stepson and he comes to bed with me soon after that.

-What a pathetic evening.

-My alarm goes off at 5am this morning. Time to start all over again.


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