An Ode to DQ Ice Cream Cake



I don’t know if Dairy Queen is more of a regional chain restaurant or if it’s all over the country. But, in this area, if you have a summer birthday, odds are you’re gonna get a DQ Ice Cream cake to celebrate. And it’s going to make everyone around you very happy.

Now, I’ve never tried addictive drugs like crack cocaine. But if I ever did, I imagine the effect would be similar to eating DQ Ice Cream cake.

If I could hoard that stuff in my freezer for every meal, I would do it in a heartbeat.

If I were trapped on a dessert island and only got to choose one food to eat while I rotted away on that beach, it would be DQ Ice Cream cake.

I don’t think I will EVER get sick of it.

Nor will I ever get sick of basically any other form of ice cream that these clever ice cream geniuses keep coming up with.

And THAT’S the problem. Call it a sweet tooth, call it a food addiction–it’s always been an issue for me.

I can work out twice a day and be meal planning like a boss and eating generally very healthy for 3 meals a day with ample amount of water intake….and a box of donuts at the office and a few leftover pieces of ice cream cake in the freezer at home will derail any progress. I can’t stop at a few bites, I must eat it all until it’s gone. Even if I’m not hungry.

Some people have great success with treats and cheat meals in moderation but that is definitely not the case with me. I am jealous of those people.  I have no middle ground with junk food. It is all or none.

I’m getting a little (ok, a lot)  out of control this summer with sweets so I need to start a moratorium on sugar.

Starting Monday :).

I know, I know it’s awful to prolong this. We’re celebrating the 4th of July  with my family on Sunday, the 3rd and I want to eat some goodies with them. I’m going to set the modest goal of keeping this up for a week. This way, if a week comes and goes and I’m successful (picture me smacking a cupcake out of someone’s hand), I can set a goal for another week. Baby steps!

But, if I’m a total failure, I can start over again the following week. I’m taking this seriously and not planning on half-assing it so the back-up plan is more of a mind game thing for me. Whatever works, right?

But until Monday, does anyone have a birthday this week?

Just kidding!


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