Heart Warmers

♥These two…

Cousins/Besties at our family’s 4th of July get together. They had a blast.

Harper Millie 4th of July

♥We had quite the summer storm last night. Rain, thunder, lightning and lots of wind. Lots of trees down on my morning walk around the neighborhood. Hubby, toddler and I slept through all of it with no problem. My 10 year old stepson, across town at his mom’s house, was not sleeping well through the storm. He texted my hubby at midnight to ask if his little sister was OK. He was worried about her. It makes my mama heart swell, he is just the sweetest big brother!

♥My toddler has not, up until this point, had really any interest in movies or cartoons or TV in general. I definitely wasn’t complaining. She loves books and occupies herself with toys (or emptying out every drawer/cabinet/cat food bin that she can get her little hands on that is not satisfactorily child proofed).

Until now. We rented the latest Disney movie, Zootopia, to watch as a family a few weeks ago when my stepsons were over and this little girl was HOOKED. I don’t blame her, even I loved the movie. I have a hard time sitting through an entire movie these days. Too much stuff to get done around the house or someone requires immediate attention right in the middle of the movie. Anyway, this movie is all about a city made up of animals and it has the catchiest theme song in the world performed by the fabulous Shakira.

When this song comes on, my child dances with wild abandon. She dances like this is her last day on earth and she will never get the chance to dance again. It is really a sight to behold. When we’re not watching the movie version of the song, she will settle for the YouTube version on my phone. She even pulls out the “Oh, oh,  peas, mommy?” while pointing to my phone. Oh oh is what she calls the song. You’ll understand if you listen to it. How can I refuse?

I’ll try to get a cute video of her dancing for Facebook 🙂

♥I had my official 7 year anniversary at my job late last month. In 7 years, I’ve gone from a single 22 year old fresh out of college to a 29 year old married mother of one. I have grown and changed in so many ways and so has my job.

My manager and coworkers gave me a sweet note, gift card to the movies and certificate for 5 hours of babysitting from one of my coworker’s daughter to show me their appreciation. I don’t even know what to do with myself for 5 hours outside of the house when I’m not working and sans child!! AMAZING!! I work with THE BEST team. The support we all have for each other is so awesome.

♥ I found this article a few weeks ago about our tendency to rush, rush, rush and be busy all of the time. The article points out that rushing is a choice. You can refuse to rush. You don’t have make your way through your errands like  you’re a NASCAR driver.

This article made a light bulb go off for me. It seems so simple but it was almost like I needed someone to give me that permission not to rush around all of the time. I’m trying to be a lot more intentional with my actions. Slowing down helps immensely in that department.

♥The sugar moratorium is starting today! I’m committing to going a week without sugar! I’m a few days late from my goal start date but better late than never, right?! Who’s joining me? Accountability is huge with these kinds of goals!

I’m going to start putting up some Facebook posts to ask if anyone would like to join a free 1-week Accountability Facebook group soon. So keep an eye on my Facebook page for more details!

Sugar Free Zone


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