I’m taking some extra time to take care of myself today because the consequences of not doing so are far worse than inconveniencing a few of my loved ones for a few hours so I can have some alone time that I’m needing.

It feels extremely selfish. But, I’m forcing myself not to feel all the mom guilt this time because I have to stand up for myself and I have to take care of myself…no one else will.

And since my daughter has only one mother–and she deserves a really good one–I’m going to do what it takes to give her one.

So, when you need that extra time to focus on yourself, whether it’s something small like taking an overdue shower or a long walk to clear your head or something bigger–do it.

Only you know what you really need and when you really need it.

Chances are you will rarely find yourself in a situation where someone walks up to you, takes your child out of your arms (or any other responsibility you may be carrying) and tells you to go take care of yourself for a little while. In my experience, I have to initiate those moments myself. No one can read my mind.

Whether it’s getting your workout in everyday, taking the time to prep your meals or putting on some makeup–you know what you need to be at your best.

So, stop ignoring the nagging voice in your head. Make some arrangements, ask for some help, do what it takes even though it may not be convenient and it may really suck asking for help. And, go take care of yourself.

I’m giving you permission to be selfish for a little while.

You will be a better mom and a better person when you’re done.


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