Keeping It Real


I’m failing at balance right now.

This is why I haven’t blogged for a while. Or worked out much. Or met my water goals. Or meal planned much or made the best food choices.

And while I KNOW I need to keep up with these things to feel like my best self–I’ve let them slip and done what was easiest/most convenient/most comforting instead.

So, I’m over here feeling like a sloth of a person. Energy levels dragging. Being less productive at work. Doing the bare minimum amount of housework…

And enjoying the heck out of my little girl.

When I have zero time or energy for anything else–she is the reason I muster up as much time and energy as I can.

And, just to continue to keep it real in this post of honesty–she’s not all sunshine and rainbows all of the time either.

She throws little tantrums and throws her toys and food when she’s upset. She refuses to go to bed before 9pm most nights. She insists on being picked up and carried at the most inconvenient times. She cries and kicks almost every time I change her diaper.

BUT…she also has the most contagious smile. She is learning and trying out new words every day and I have become addicted to her little voice. She plays with her dolls and toys and books in adorable and captivating ways. She has so much love and joy to spread from one tiny little body. Being the recipient of a lot that love and joy is humbling and rewarding in ways I can’t describe.

Life changes in SO MANY WAYS when you become a parent. I think balance will ALWAYS be something I struggle with as a parent. That I may never have it all figured out. And just when I think I’m starting to figure it out, something will change.

I don’t have a big moment of clarity or a brilliant message about parenting to share with you today. But, know that what I share with you all is real and not sugar-coated. And that will always be my goal.


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